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The History Of World War 2

The History Of World War 2

After Nazi Germany's defeat, Allied forces controlled Germany, which became known as the 'Federal Republic of Germany.' The Allies divided Germany along political lines into democratic and communist states.

They also divided Germany's land into 16 states along with Berlin as a neutral zone.

From this division, East and West Germany emerged.

In 1948, the communists emerged victorious in East Germany and became the dominant faction in that region.

This led to a split between communist states on one side and capitalist states on the other side.

In 1989, communist parties lost their influence across Eastern Europe and joined with capitalist states to form the Warsaw Pact.

This was an unsuccessful attempt at creating a new world order.

During the late 1930s and throughout the 1940s, many countries began to develop ever more deadly weapons.

Nazi Germany was no exception.

The History Of World War 2

They had created an entirely new weapon called the 'Luftwaffe.' This was a German fighter plane that could fly at extreme speeds and caused massive destruction.

By 1945, the Allies were in complete control of the air space and had total dominance over Germany.

This is when the allies dropped their deadly force on Hitler's Third Reich.

At the end of this war, Europe was in total ruin.

However, this was a necessary evil that later led to great progress.

During world war 2 , Hitler's Third Reich was crushed leading to an attempt at rebuilding German society through post-war peace efforts.

The division of Europe led to two separate economic systems being supported by NATO countries respectively.

However, communism declined across Eastern Europe over time leading to a Warsaw pact being dissolved leaving only capitalist states in that part of the world.

Ultimately, world war 2 had terrible consequences but led to great peace afterward where countries could focus on rebuilding their nations instead of fighting each other over military dominance.

After World state-of-the-art weapons were used during world war 2 in order to destroy whole cities full of innocent lives during world war 2 .

It caused an unrecoverable amount of damage throughout Europe during world war 2 .

In fact most battles were fought with direct aim at destroying each other's weapons instead of fighting hand-to-hand.

This led to an even greater concentration of damaging power in one place which caused massive destruction throughout Europe during world war 2 .

Introduction: World War 2 started on Sunday, September 1st, 1939 with Germany invading Poland; this escalated quickly to France declaring war on Germany and Britain following suit.

Later that month Italy invaded Albania and Bulgaria invaded Romania; this led to Greece and Hungary declaring war on Bulgaria as well as Finland attacking Russia from the north.

By September 18th, Germany had captured Poland's capital city of Warsaw, France had surrendered and Britain had declared war on Germany two days later.

By October 7th, both sides were exhausted from war; this led to a treaty signed between Germany and The Soviet Union (USSR).

On January 27th of 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his headquarters along with top officials of Nazi Germany.

A few days later, Hitler's body was found with his wife committing suicide by cyanide the next day- they both committed suicide in a failed attempt at avoiding capture by Allied forces while they attempted to commit suicide together in a failed attempt at avoiding capture by Allied forces after failing to commit suicide together first (they failed to commit suicide together first as planned).

The history of world war 2

It focuses on major battles, political decisions, and the causes of World War 2.

Each podcast explores a different aspect of World War 2 that is rarely discussed in other media.

For example, one podcast focused on Nazi Germany and how they led the country into ruin.

Another explored the rise of Joseph Stalin and how he led the Soviet Union into corruption and ruin.

Each podcast is well researched and contains many historical facts.

It's a way for people to discover new information about an event that is still affecting today's society.

The history of world war 2

Revisiting history can help individuals learn from past mistakes so that similar situations don't occur again.

This new approach has proven to be very insightful for both listeners and historians alike!

The history of world war 2

However, this creative name led to a creative idea: revisit world war 2 through a podcast format.

The host decided to go with this format after trying several others with little success.

It turned out that revisiting history through audio was much more popular than writing about it.

The concept worked much better when presented through audio instead of text.

After several test episodes, this new format was ready to launch- and it was a resounding success!

When World War 2 ended in 1945, it left the world in total devastation.

Many countries were left in complete ruin, and many people lost their loved ones in the war.

Every country tried to help the survivors and the countries that were affected by the war.

After so many years had passed, people started to talk about the war again.

They wondered how things could have gotten so out of hand and how such a great country could have been destroyed.

This is when some people created the idea of revisiting history to reveal some of its flaws.

Some revisited World War 2 and produced a podcast based on that topic.

From that idea, a world war 2 podcast was born.

Many interesting facts came out of this new approach to exploring history.

Most notably, listeners discovered what life was like during World Wars 1 and 2 as well as during post-war reconstruction in Germany and Japan.

One episode explored Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 highlighting how Hitler led his nation straight into ruin before ultimately losing the war himself.

Other episodes focused on post-war reconstruction in Germany focusing on consequences for helping Allied victorships win back German lands after World Wars 1

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