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History Of The United States Of Americ

History Of The United States Of Americ

After lots of fighting and compromise, the original Thirteen colonies united into one country.

However, there were still many problems to work through.

One problem was that England owned all of the land in America.

Even though America was now a country, most people still came from other countries to settle in America.

These people became known as 'newcomers.' Over time, newcomers started to become a majority over native Americans.

This led to many cases of discrimination against native Americans- especially black Americans who faced much harsher conditions than white Americans did.

Despite these problems, America grew fast during its first 100 years.

The United States of America is a nation founded by thirteen British colonies on July 4, 1776.

The American Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all people have the right to freedom, equality and independence.

The war lasted for two years before the victorious Americans had the freedom to form their own country.

From then on, the history of America is full of ups and downs.

Let's take a closer look at the history of America.

The history of America is one filled with pride and passion- it survived many challenges and came out stronger at the end.

Today, America is one of the most powerful countries in world history thanks to its citizens' determination and passion for freedom.

No matter how bad things get in America, we always come out stronger because we're determined to be free!

The first 50 years of the history of America were very exciting as the country grew rapidly.

However, the second half of American history is much more well-known than the first half.

The American Revolutionary War led to independence from Great Britain.

This was followed by formation of the nation with thirteen states and George Washington as our first president.

Several conflicts followed with France which lead to victory in the American Revolution and independence from France as well as Great Britain.

A period of peace followed before tensions raised during the American Civil War where six states seceded from the union and formed their own country called the Confederate States of America (CSA).

After a long war, Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address galvanized soldiers willing to fight for their country despite personal issues such as rivalries among states or hatred between states and citizenry on both sides.

After this war, Abraham Lincoln unified all states under one government through his Thirteenth Amendment outlawing slavery forever- thus bringing an end to one of the largest causes producing conflict in early American history.

The original thirteen states included Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Georgia and Tennessee joined later as well as two new states from Louisiana and Missouri.

Each individual state has its own history- some were founded on rich natural resources and others were founded by religious groups.

Over time, these differences have led to many wars between states.

In the twentieth century, World War II and the Cold War put an end to those wars.

However, many still argue about which side was responsible for ending the war.

Some argue that America was responsible for ending its own war by defeating fascism; others argue that fascism was responsible for ending its own war by defeating America.

The US fought in many wars during its history but is best known for winning the Revolutionary War against Britain.

This war started because Britain wanted control over the new country's western territories; this is why they moved their colonies there from 1776-1783.

This war changed everything for the future of America- it showed that ordinary people could rebel against an oppressive government and win.

The American revolution was successful thanks to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and many others who sacrificed so much during the war.

History Of The United States Of Americ

After independence was declared from Britain on July 4th, 1776, George Washington became the first president of the US.

He led his troops through icy Pennsylvania countryside to victory at Yorktown and gave his famous 'summery proclamation' which encouraged citizens to work during warm months instead of fighting in freezing weather conditions.

After this war, America emerged victorious as one of the leading powers in world affairs- now it was ready to build its new nation from nothing and create a home for those who wanted freedom from oppression for a second chance at life.

The history of the USA goes back to when Christopher Columbus first landed on American soil.

He thought he had landed in India, but he had actually landed on another island off the coast of America.

He named it 'San Salvador' after the Catholic church he went to for help.

Over time, this land became known as the United States of America.

From that point forward, this land was to become a home for those who wanted to escape oppression and find freedom.

The first colonies were established by wealthy people in New England, Virginia, and Maryland.

They were all close to each other so that they could more easily communicate with each other and trade with each other.

Over time, more colonies were formed and they joined together to form the first Confederation.

This was an agreement among all the states to share their products and their land with each other.

This formed the basis for what would later become the USA we know today.

Today no one knows how successful these people were when they formed America 130 years ago.

But their sacrifices have given us a nation that stands as a symbol of freedom and democracy worldwide.

History shows that without freedom good things cannot happen in society or in individuals' lives.

No matter how tough life gets on this earth, no one can take away our rights unless they take away our rights first!

The history of the United States of America is a long and complicated one.

It has a lot of heroes and a lot of villains.

It is a country that has shaped the world in many ways.

It stands as a symbol of freedom and democracy.

It has also had an enormous impact on other nations around the world.

Understanding the history of the United States can help us understand the current state of affairs and make informed decisions about where we are headed as a country.

The job of creating such a country was no easy task.

Many people came together to form this nation: indentured servants came from Europe; farmers came from Kentucky; manufacturers came from Massachusetts; free people of color came from Africa; seers, dwarfs, mules, oxen, chickens, turkeys- even monkeys- came from different states; legislators came from Ohio; congressmen came from both Delaware and Maryland; congresswomen came from Pennsylvania- along with thirty three presidents! All these people came together with dreams of creating something new out of nothingness- something that would change history forever!

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